Your Summer Camp Capstone

Maybe you’ve been at camp for seven summers, maybe two. Either way, you’ve made friendships to last a lifetime. You’ve gained skills to carry you through difficult times and awesome ones. You’ve grown like you never thought possible. Summer camp doesn’t need to end here. Turn the page with Zeal Adventure and Travel, and you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities. Continue the adventure with your best friends, in far-reaching places, experiencing the best the world has to offer.

We created a program that extends the boundaries of campers, while still incorporating their previous camp experiences. In this way, Zeal Adventure and Travel truly is a summer camp capstone. As you explore Zeal opportunities, you’ll find that things are similar but distinct. Our trip leaders are the best counselors from the best camps. You might even know them already. Our activities include many learned at camp, while growing on the past through new pursuits and projects. Campers know many of their peers, but have the opportunity to add to their circle. Community service becomes an opportunity to learn about the culture and history of an unfamiliar place. Awareness for one’s self becomes awareness of the global effect we have every day.

Zeal is all about friends, new experiences, and growth; just like camp! We’re campers, counselors, and directors. We know how important camp is to you because we live camp too, and we get it. We’ve worked hard to make Zeal an extension of your camp experience, while still maintaining the inviolable closure of leaving your previous camp.

If you’re not ready for camp life to be over, then we hope you’ll consider Zeal Adventure and Travel as your summer camp capstone!

I felt very comfortable sending my son to Alaska and Hawaii with Zeal, even though it was their inaugural trip. There was such great communication before the trip and during the trip, and it was evident that the director and trip leaders were professional and experienced. My son has traveled with other teen adventure companies in the past, yet he came home and said that this trip with Zeal was his favorite of them all because they had the best activities. I’m so happy that my son was able to be a part of this great adventure. – Amy Kite