Make a Meaningful Difference

Engagement with the world can’t be more real than meeting people from around the world, and working with them.

At Zeal Adventure and Travel, we’ve built global relationships. Our participants aren’t just working with animals, building homes, or restoring native forests. They’re learning about local cultures and customs through friendships. They’re eating home cooked meals together, and sharing stories late into the night. They’re giving and receiving.

Often, community service at school or camp becomes a task to complete just for the sake of the required service hours. We believe that’s the worst-case scenario because service can be, if planned well, a transformative and exciting experience. At Zeal, we consider our service opportunities very carefully. We spend countless hours brainstorming creative ideas for fun, educational, anddsc_7453 impactful service learning activities. We talk with communities and organizations to help them solve problems they need help with. We uphold their integrity as people and communities by assuring that part of the service learning will be our participants learning from them. This is the true meaning of service learning, and we love it! As you explore our website and learn more, you’ll find that all our trips offer service learning opportunities at every corner. We believe in giving back wherever we go.


It’s not just a summer thing

We believe in service so much that for those interested Zeal alumni, we offer a year-round mentorship program, which provides training and support for community service initiatives in areas of interest for our participants. We’ll even provide financial support for select projects! What’s more, these projects develop initiative, leadership, grit, and ethics that prove to be fantastic ways to stand out from the pack in the search for school or job.