Challenge Yourself

We’re dedicated to offering incredible adventures that will expand your life experience. We believe that personal growth is an integral part of any Zeal trip, so it’s one of our goals to carefully assess the skills and experience of each participant, and meet them where they are. With a background in experiential education, the Zeal leadership team has crafted itineraries and trained trip leaders to be well equipped to teach, challenge, and most importantly; support our campers. Zeal is a teen tour with flare! We include cultural immersion, outdoor pursuits, community service, and challenge to create a powerful summer experience for your teen.

Our participants often bring up challenge when reflecting on their trip because it has such a positive impact on them. With great care and precision, we expose participants to challenge with the goal of personal growth and development of grit. It is this exposure along with support from the group and trip leaders that provides perspective on oneself and an opportunity to develop empathy, perseverance, and courage. These traits are developed as teens overcome intentional challenges, and will be of great service to your child throughout their lifetime.

If you’re looking for awe-inspiring summers where you gain incredible friendships and grow into your best self, you’ve found the right partner. Zeal Adventure and Travel extends your boundaries. Join us.