Build Friendships

Like so many things in life, adventures are all about who you experience them with! At Zeal, we work to accommodate the needs of individual campers to make sure their summer is the best possible. For those teens interested in joining with a friend, we’re happy to accommodate up to three friends, but may limit that for smaller trips.

While Zeal trips are definitely a chance to deepen your friendships, they’re also an opportunity to gain new ones. On any given trip, you’ll find yourself in a mixed group of people you know (if requested) and other you don’t. Despite the normal tendency to stick with your friends, the groups quickly melt into a single team. This blending of the group comes from the nature of Zeal trips, and the skilled facilitation of our trip leaders. Unlike a normal teen tour, our groups are small which allows for leaders to focus on the friendships between all participants.

Zeal trips have team building activities inherently built in to them. Imagine you’re rushing down class III rapids in the Alaska. Your boat needs to stay nose forward. It’s team effort and group communication that will lead to success. Aside from being amazing people, Zeal trip leaders are also veteran facilitators. They have the skills and experience to keep the team running like a well-oiled machine.