Although teens don’t like to think about it, and will put it out of their mind for as long as they can, the summer camp experience must ultimately come to an end when campers graduate out of their camps. At this time, many teens are left wondering, “what now”? Well, as long life sleepaway campers we are excited that we’ve come up with an answer, and the the answer is Zeal!

Imagine bringing all of the transformative experiences of summer camp on the road with your best friends. This is what we’re all about. You’ve spent years developing your camp friendships, why can’t these relationships continue to grow and develop next summer even though you’ve graduated out of your camp? We are camp people, we get it! Zeal was designed with great intention, allowing you to grow, flourish, and learn as you explore the world with your closest friends. We know the joys of travel, and we also know how much more meaningful and impactful the experience can be when traveling with your best friends. Friends who travel together form closer bonds and have better experiences. Exploring new parts of the globe, overcoming challenges, conquering fears, and discovering new perspectives, all ultimately help friendships progress to levels even more significant than the camp relationships we all cherish.

Friends who travel together develop a unique shared experience resulting in a bond that survives the test of time. Social science has proven what we camp people already know – we are social and emotional animals. We are happiest when doing things we enjoy with the people that we love. If we can have our friends by our side as we travel the world, it makes our travel experiences all the more memorable, meaningful, and impactful!

While the age-old saying is true that you never truly know someone until you travel with them, we also think it’s true that you’ve never truly traveled until you’ve done so with your best friends!