At Zeal, we believe in creating transformative and exciting experiences for teen travelers. And for us, nothing is more transformative for our participants than working together to make meaningful differences in the communities we visit. We spend countless hours preparing our service itineraries with two goals in mind:

Building communities

The foundation of every strong community is kindness. As enchanted explorers of new worlds and new cultures, we believe that the only way to truly experience a destination is by strengthening that foundation through our own acts of service. We’ve built homes for those in need, patrolled the beaches for endangered turtles, restored forests, and so much more. At every service opportunity, we talk with community leaders, organizers, and volunteers to help them solve problems they need help with. Through these connections, our participants get the chance to experience first-hand the kindness and hard work that preserves some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, wildlife, and communities.

Building ourselves

Simply said, doing good for others is good for you. Beyond the self-satisfaction you’ll feel from completing a hard day’s work, you’ll find yourself developing new skills and strengths that you never knew you had. You’ll find determination harvesting Costa Rican cassava. You’ll discover your courage teaching beachgoers about how to respect the honu. You’ll practice your observation and research skills working alongside some of the world’s most determined marine conservation societies. You’ll enhance your teamwork and interpersonal skills working with your group and other volunteers to get the job done. Sure, college credit is great, but the real rewards of service are the skills you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.

The good things that we build during our teen tours are truly the things that end up building us. Are you ready to build with Zeal this summer?