Keeping up with sleep, diet, and exercise is hard already; add in the routine-demolishing power of travel and you have a recipe for bodily disaster. Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can help yourself succeed in the turbulence of your trip! This post focuses on hydration, but stay tuned for expert tips on maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits. Proper hydration is essential to every component of our health. Unfortunately, most of us don’t drink enough and suffer chronic consequences without notice. Here are a few tips that you can incorporate into your travel routine and daily life.

Always have two full water bottles. 

You know how your backpack has a bottle holder on each side? Well use them! If you have a bottle filled up with water that’s close to you, you’re way more likely to drink up.

Set daily alarms to hydrate.

We all have smart phones these days, and one great thing they do (other than keep us up to date on cat videos) is allow us to set up alarms. Revolutionary right? I recently set up five daily alarms that remind me to hydrate, and I’ve been running to the bathroom ever since!

If traveling as a group, make it fun!

I was in the Bahamas a few years ago, where it’s either hot or scorching. My friends and I made a rule that whenever one of us yelled Bonanza, we had to grab our bottle, circle up, and drink until the person on our right stopped. It was fun and kept us healthy in the tropical heat. Use your creativity to make up some fun ways to help the group stay hydrated.

Bring your preferred water treatment with you.

When you’re traveling to a place where the water is sketchy, it’s easy to rack up the bill on bottled water and neglect your water needs. With the right water treatment system, you can avoid both of these major hydration pitfalls. There are tons of ways to purify water out there, but my favorite is Aquamira. Aquamira comes in a pair of tiny containers that fit in your pocket, and takes only a few drops and five minutes to make water drinkable; it even improves the taste! Check it out here.