We have very exciting news this week!

We’ve just confirmed a new community service opportunity in Hawaii with Malama na Honu, a non-profit whose mission is to protect sea turtles. They’re dedicated to helping protect Hawaiian green sea turtles (honu) through education, public awareness and conservation. With funding from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), they educate about the past plight of the honu, their recent recovery and the need to treat them with courtesy by keeping safe and respectful viewing distances.

Zeal participants will have the opportunity to be educated and trained to interact with basking sea turtles, working in small teams to locate the turtles and set up perimeters of red cloth around them, keeping the public a safe distance away from the turtles. Additionally, this will provide Zeal participants the opportunity to share their new knowledge of sea turtles to people viewing the turtles. This propagation of information helps in keeping these turtles safe and healthy. This hands-on service opportunity makes a real difference in the health of the Hawaiian sea turtle population, and marine eco-systems in general.

We’re over the moon about this new partnership! For more information about Malama na Honu, please visit their website at: www.malamanahonu.org.