Summertime is the best time to hit the road! Nothing pushes your boundaries and breaks you out of your comfort zone like an adventure around the world. On our own Zeal tours, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits that adventure travel can have on teens. Teenagers need space to grow – space away from parents, school, technology and social media. And nowhere is that growth better able to flourish than out on the road!

Traveling pulls you out of your everyday life and presents you with new experiences, new people, new challenges, and new opportunities. At home, can you scale a glacier or swim through a coral reef? At home, how often do you get to meet new friends who grow organic foods in Costa Rica or manage shops at a Moroccan bazaar? Adventure travel opens your eyes to the possibilities of the world.

Travelling also sheds new light on things you thought you already knew. Biology lessons come alive when you’re working hands-on with Hawaiian green sea turtles and endangered seals. Conservation science becomes more meaningful when it’s your hands planting the trees in a disappearing rainforest. Colorless school subjects like anthropology and history gain new significance when paired with a stroll through a San José market or a tour of Pearl Harbor.

The best part of living on the road is the freedom it gives you to be your most authentic self. Without timelines or feeds to skim, you’ll find yourself more connected to the people and environment around you during your travels. You’ll have to chance to share stories, taste foods, raft rivers, and hike trails without the interference of screens or lenses. And when the road eventually takes you back home, we guarantee you’ll arrive feeling more connected and whole than you have ever felt before.

We hope to see you out on the road this summer!