With the weather warming up and teen tour season on the horizon, now is definitely the right time for teens and their parents to finalize their summer plans. But with so many options to choose from, how can you know which teen travel company is right for you? Here are the three things you should consider when making your summer adventure decision:

Group Size

Every teen travel company varies on the group sizes they travel with – from small groups of 5 to large travel groups of 50 or more participants. When considering teen travel, you should always consider how you prefer to socialize in new situations. Are you at ease in large groups and eager to make lots of friends? Or do you prefer the closeness and familiarity of small groups? Group size also plays an important role in the experiences you will have during your travels. Large groups have the numbers to reserve more secluded experiences, like private dining rooms or closed group tours. But with a smaller group, you have access to more exclusive activities, like working with endangered seals and ice climbing up Alaskan glaciers. At Zeal, we travel in small groups of 14 participants or less, allowing our travelers to experience both unique adventures and meaningful connections.


After a long day of adventure, you’ll want to be sure that you’re sleeping comfortably. Accommodations for teen travel companies run the gamut, from 5-star luxury resorts to college dorms to rustic camping setups in the middle of a national park. Are you looking to relax and unwind from your adventures in a cozy hotel room? Or do you want an unplugged summer trip that includes sleeping under the stars? In order to give our participants the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible, Zeal uses a mix of accommodations that include family-owned hotels and eco-lodges, tent camping, and major hotels like Ramada and Holiday Inn.


The final thing you should consider when choosing your teen tour is the itinerary. Teen travel options these days include more than just fantastic destinations. From STEM to fashion to mountain biking — if you have a passion, there’s sure to be a teen tour that will help you explore and develop your skills in that area. Before making your final decision, you should take time to consider what you really want from your summer experience. Do you want to earn college credit or lots of community service hours? Do you want to canoe and camp across the country? Or are you looking to break out of your comfort zone and try lots of new things? At Zeal, we’ve combined learning, adventure, and community service into every trip, making our tours the perfect gateway experience for young travelers still discovering their passions!