Today whizzed by… literally, as we found ourselves flying from the tops of trees with Climbworks Zipline Tour. The tour included eight different ziplines ranging from 500 – 2400 feet long! Not only did we zip down the lines, but we also rope climbed, repelled, and went for an ATV ride. After the first few ziplines, we got a little more adventurous and went backwards, flipped upside down, made spiderman poses, and of course gave plenty of hawaiian shocka’s! Our guides were wicked and cracked jokes the entire time; we all agreed that they made the experience that much more memorable!



We didn’t have much time to pause as we headed back out to Malama na Honu to volunteer with the green sea turtles once again. Everyone got name tags that matched up with a well known turtle that frequents the beach. Wooley Bully, Brutus, and Tripod were among the many names of the turtles. JP was the main turtle we worked with today; we roped off the area on the beach he was basking on and worked with tourists to explain how the turtles were endangered and why we needed to give them space. After about an hour JP was done with beaching himself and went to play in the waves right on the shore. It was interesting hearing the stories of all the turtles and it gave us a much greater appreciation for these magnificent sea creatures.


The day ended with a hearty pasta and salad night and then a giggle filled session of glums and glows. Griffin noted that tonight was one of his favorite nights because we all were joking and grinning from ear to ear (more than usual). We watched a few stars and had a few quiet moments on the beach before we all decided to retire for the night. Tomorrow should be a big day, and we can not wait!!
– Meghan