Even though the two diving groups were again split up, our camaraderie sustained as we conversed over phoneless meals. There is no such thing as “too much SCUBA” and today we got our PADI Open Water Diver certification! Even though it was more challenging for some, everyone gave their all and conquered their fears. We finished diving around 1:30, and the food trucks worked hard to keep up with our ZEALous demands. After we graded our exams, Loren, our PADI Instructor, officially pushed us out of the nest and into our future diving expeditions.

In the afternoon we walked to Waimea Beach where white sand, sunbaked skin, and crystal blue water permeated the scene. After enjoying a refreshing swim, sun bathing, and watching in awe as the official ZEAL drone whizzed by (courtesy of David), we took half an hour of introspection to write in our journals for our “solos.” As we were walking back to the hostel, the aroma of warm quesadillas delighted our olfactory nerves (courtesy of Meghan).

After eating a delicious meal, we reflected on the day via “Glums and Glows” and listened to the satisfying noise of the waves crashing onto the shore.



Watershot Camera
Divers checking out an underwater cave


Watershot Camera
Hi mom!


Watershot Camera
Loving day four of diving