Day Five!
Five days in and it feels like we’ve all known each other for months, if not years. We woke up this morning ready for another day of SCUBA diving and training. The group again split up giving those SCUBA diving more time with each instructor. We were excited to continue working on our skills. Although tiring, the skills seem to be coming together and the diving is becoming so much more natural. We were excited to see a (small, don’t worry) shark today! Judd jokingly said he’s going to try and tame it and bring it back to Chicago.

The groups switched at lunch and we had a bit of free time so we took the local bus to Haleiwa, a small town just a few stops away. Wandering around the streets and seeing some of the shops was a nice relaxing way to spend the rest of our day. Everyone regrouped for dinner and we all worked to make a big homemade dinner! We have all the participants helping out with meals and a lot jumped at the opportunity to get in the kitchen to help.

After dinner we wandered over to the beach to catch the end of the sunset and go over our favorite parts of the day. A few minutes of silence and listening to crashing waves while we squished sand between our toes was the best feeling after a fulfilling day. We’re excited for day three of SCUBA tomorrow and, of course, some beach time!!!
Nighty night,

P.S. Sorry this wasn’t uploaded in order!