Happy July 4th everyone!
The Zeal team woke up early in their patriotic attire ready to enjoy the day! The SCUBA groups traded off morning and afternoon sessions and the divers came up with some pretty big grins on their faces. After getting the basic skills down pat, the groups were able to go for adventure dives and explore the nearby topography which included lots of fish, sea turtles, eels, and some pretty impressive rock formations. The group that wasn’t diving completed their SCUBA exams (and all passed with flying colors!) and then they got to enjoy the beach and nearby areas while they waited.
After everyone was done with their initial SCUBA diving day, we made dinner at the hostel and then took off to Turtle Bay Resort to catch the fireworks show! We got to the fair grounds and were surrounded by wonderful people celebrating in Hawaiian fashion which was full of food, booths, and of course live Hawaiian music.
Needless to say, everyone was quite exhausted when we got back to the hostel and crashed pretty quickly in order to recharge for the next day!