We woke up this morning at 6am, bright and early for our morning flight from the big island to Oahu. After the short 45 minute puddle jump from island to island, we drove from Honolulu to Oahu’s North Shore. During the drive, participants smelled the rich scent of Eucalyptus trees bordering the highway. Upon arrival, we quickly settled in before walking the short two blocks to a collection of amazing food carts. Options are Thai, Mexican, sandwiches, seafood, and classic American. For dessert, Hawaiian shave ice! If you haven’t tried shave ice, it’s like powdered snow with fresh syrups made from things like coconut and Chinese plums. It’s the perfect treat for the warm weather here in Hawaii.

After lunch, we got down to business with studying for SCUBA. After a three-hour and very valiant effort by everyone, we took a break for dinner before getting back to it with Ricardo, our SCUBA instructor and owner of Hawaii Eco Divers. Participants completed the required five quizzes (one for each chapter), and tomorrow they’ll pass the final exam with flying colors, before getting into the water for their first confined water dive!

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is already day four! For now, we’re all beat and ready for bed.

Over and out!