Day two began with cereal, yogurt and fresh fruit (and coffee for me!). Most of the participants woke up early, due to a mix of time zone weirdness and excitement. Of course that’s to be expected when adjusting to a six hour difference and the humid climate. We went to Richardson Ocean Park in the morning to play icebreaker games, swim in the lagoon, and go over what Zeal Adventure and Travel is all about. Introduced to Zeal’s ideals and goals, the participants left the morning with a strong understanding of how this trip is going to run and what they are going to get out of it.

We then went to Volcano National Park for a little bit of sightseeing which included a tunnel sculpted by lava flow as well as a crater with steam bursting out of the hole (we witnessed this from a distance of course!)

Lava Tube
We ended the day with a home cooked Thai meal and the first night of doing our evening rituals which include: Highs and lows of the day (We call them Glums and Glows), a moment of reflection while hand-in-hand, journal writing, and finally some studying for our SCUBA course that is right around the corner! Needless to say, everyone is very excited to dive!