The most important fact about today is that it’s Isabelle’s 18th birthday! Happy b-day Iz!

Isabelle’s birthday started in beautiful McCarthy, Alaska. After three days of history, ice climbing on glaciers, and rafting; we packed up all our gear this morning for the long haul back to Anchorage. Despite the long six-hour drive, the day was great! Participants napped, chatted, ate road snacks, and pumped tunes all day long.

When we returned to the Bent Prop Inn, John (the owner) greeted us outside as he always does. This time was different however because he also had some birthday surprises waiting. He and his wife awaited our arrival with balloons, cake, and ice-cream to help us celebrate Isabelle’s 18th. We had a backyard bbq complete with grilled burgers and steak. Finally, as we always do, we ended the day with glums and glows.



It was another great day to be on a Zeal trip for sure, but it was even better thanks to Isabelle being born today!

-The Zeal Team (DJF, Griff, and Meg)