Today, the climbers became the paddlers and the paddlers became the climbers in the last installment of our McCarthy adventure.

The Ice Climbers took off at 9:30am to get up to the glacier while the paddlers left swiftly at 10:00am to face the raging river. the two groups had very successful days and it was amazing for everyone to experience both activities.

While the climbers were finishing their hike back, Meghan and the paddlers were back at camp preparing a delicious stir-fry. After the meal was devoured, the Zeal team went down to the river to finish up the night with a couple of group activities. We started with our Glums and Glows of the day then ended with “circles,” which involve small group discussions. Tonight’s discussion topic was the differences between friends at home and friends they have made on the trip. After some deep and thoughtful conversation, it was time to prepare for the long travel day back to Anchorage in the morning, and finally well deserved bed.