After a hearty camp cooked meal of eggs and hash browns, we left the Eureka lodge near Glenallen and made our way to the town of McCarthy. You may recognize the town from the Discovery Channel’s show “Edge of Alaska” which portrays the local lifestyles and hardships they face through the winter. During the summer, the town has roughly 100 people whereas in the winter, only 10-12 remain behind to face the ferocious weather.

We showed up just in time for our tour of Kennicot Mine and spent the next two hours exploring the old abandoned buildings and structures at the site. Our guides were very knowledgeable about the area and really made the mine come to life. For a mine to be profitable with copper, it needs a copper content of at least .6%. Kennicot Mine in 1911 had a copper content of 70% and created billions of dollars by today’s standards in only 26 years. It was an amazing tour.

We ended the day by cooking a delicious pasta meal down on the riverbank and completing our nightly rituals. The scene was simply stunning as we all sat on the rocks with our food and watched the river flow freely alongside the brisk Alaskan air.