Knowing very little about Alaska, it was strange that it was hot and sunny when we arrived in Anchorage. It got even weirder when the sun didn’t go down till midnight.  When we woke up in the Bent Prop Inn the owners made us a nice pancake breakfast. After, we loaded our luggage back into our arsenal of vehicles (Chevy Van, GMC Truck, and a Toyota Tacoma). David’s good friend Zach drove the Tacoma. He is our Alaskan guide who has experience in mountaineering, backcountry medicine, ice climbing and lots more.

It was about two and a half hours until we arrived at our first stop. We got to the zip line early so we got a few pizzas and played some baggo, aka corn hole.  A glacier was in sight behind the trees while we drove down the hill to the zip line guides. I’ve never seen a glacier before; it was huge. It seemed out of place because it was in the middle of two mountains. The zip lines were different from the ones in Hawaii.  Instead of eight zip lines zipping across farms and open fields, there were two long ones that stretched with views of the glacier. One of them is touted as the fastest zip line in Alaska. Going down the wire you could see the beauty that surrounded us. There was a river, a glacier, mountains, trees, and even a mama moose with her baby.

The final stop for today was the Eureka Lodge. It was really cool finding out we were the only people staying there, we booked all the rooms! The lodge also had a diner; we had dinner there with pies for dessert. After dinner we wrote in our journals and talked about our glums and glows of the day. Lots of us loved the zip lines, while others chose the incredible scenery as their glow. Overall, it was another good day in the books.

-Jacob Out