We started the day off at 7:15 with a healthy breakfast in order to catch the 7:53 bus to Chun’s Reef. Once we arrived at the reef we met our amazing surfing instructors from Uncle Bryan’s Surf School. After a quick tutorial on dry land we hit the waves of the Pacific. Cece had no problem standing up on her board, it took others a couple of tries to master it. David got some solid aerial drone footage of us surfing the great reef. His footage will be available in the upcoming week.

After surfing we circled back to the hostel and enjoyed authentic Canadian Quesadillas prepared by Griff and Meg. We were given the afternoon to roam around since it was our last day on the North Shore. Some of the boys participated in an old fashion card game called Euchre, while others went to the beach, exercised, and got Shave Ice.

In the evening, we moseyed on down to the food trucks, then took some epic sunset pictures on the lava rocks overlooking Sharks Cove. In addition, we broke into small focus groups to discuss our experiences in the land of fire. Lastly, we made our way back to the hostel to partake in our nightly session of Glums and Glows.

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Honolulu to experience an exclusive tour of Pearl Harbor led by longtime former Camp Walt Whitman staff member Ben Ralen. More info forthcoming!

Over and out