Today we had a late morning, waking up at 9:00. Right after breakfast we caught the bus down to Kualoa Ranch Secret Island Beach.  The dock at Secret Island isn’t just any dock, it’s the dock from Lost. Secret Island is not too secret as it was filled with people from all over, and every type of activity imaginable. There was paddle boarding, volleyball, boogie boarding, and much more. We started off with a game of beach volleyball before heading down to the water. The beach on Secret Island is beautiful; perfect white sand. We rented out a war canoe and got an authentic tour around the island.


When our beach day was all over we headed back to the ranch for an amazing lunch at the Farm Fair. The Farm Fair was a huge collection of tents, each with their own type of fresh food being cooked. There were also 4H club competitions going on with prized cows walking amongst us.

Once we finished eating, we headed to Kualoa Ranch’s jungle for today’s community service. We hiked up into the mountain to a taro plantation. We had to get knees deep into the mud to pull out weeds and protect the taro plants. We also learned about the importance of the taro plant to Hawaiians and all island nations in the Pacific. The taro plant’s root, plant, and stalk are used for eating and medicinal purposes. After, we hiked in deeper to the famous Odominous Rex cage from Jurassic World. We got to see the famous box that the scientists used to view the Odominous Rex, and we got to see the claw marks where the dinosaur nearly escaped!


All in all, today was a great day!


Over and out- Ben