College Admissions

21st Century Skills

The skills, knowledge, and experiences required for today’s youth to succeed are different from those of the past. 21st century skills include creativity, innovation, collaboration, communication, flexibility, adaptability, initiative, self direction, social and cross-cultural skills, leadership, and responsibility. These are the skills that help youth flourish, and colleges know it.

Community Service and Mentorship

Community service on a Zeal trip is meaningful, educational, fun, and active. We’re not just checking the box for high school requirements. We’re taking care of endangered Hawaiian monk seals, partnering with Americorp, restoring native forests, teaching onlookers about the sea turtles resting on the beach in front of them, building homes for those in need with Habitat for Humanity, and more. Zeal participants make a critical difference in the world. Along with our strong belief in community engagement, we provide year-round mentorship for interested Zeal alumni. Zeal provides training and support for community service initiatives in areas of interest for our participants, leading to unique experiences, perspectives, and expertise.

So What?

College admissions teams are increasingly looking for well-rounded students with incredible life experiences that make them stand out. With this high bar and overflowing competition, it’s easy to understand the stress of college that teens experience today. Zeal Adventure and Travel is perfect for overcoming the challenge of modern day college admissions. Zeal participants not only bolster all the skills listed above, but they have transformative experiences that are no brainers to write about. What’s more, Zeal is much more than your average teen tour. We travel in small groups and focus on group dynamics, personal development, and unique activities. Armed with amazing and unique experiences of adventure, adversity, and service; those college essays practically write themselves!