The Best Leaders

Our leadership team is made of directors and staff from camps you know.

Our trip leaders are the best counselors from the best camps, hired for their deep knowledge of the locations we travel to, experience in our camps, and direct recommendation from camp directors. Simply said, they’re the best of the best.

The executive directors, Jed and Carolyn Dorfman, are a fierce and respected duo in the camp world. Together, they direct Camp Walt Whitman, a premier camp in New Hampshire. They’ve spearheaded successful projects and camps, including America’s Camp. Together, they have over 40 years of camp experience.

David Jacobson-Fried is the director of Zeal Adventure and Travel. His camp roots begin at Camp Walt Whitman, and then spread around the country and globe. After his start as a junior counselor at Walt Whitman, he quickly rose in the ranks to Water Ski director. After five years with Jed and Carolyn, he pursued his passion of underwater exploration. David led teen trips in the Bahamas, Fiji, and Solomon Islands. He was a SCUBA instructor, as well as medical specialist and trip leader. His next stop was in the Southwest of the U.S. For three years, David worked at the United World College as the director of Summer Programs, and headed the school’s experiential education program.

Aside from his professional experience, David is an avid explorer and outdoorsman. He’s traveled the world over, and holds incredible insight into both domestic and international travel.

Our trip leaders come from many different backgrounds, but share many traits that make them extraordinary leaders.

They have extensive experience in the trip locations they lead. Many of our leaders actually come from the locations we travel to. They hold local knowledge of the best places to visit, safety concerns, and customs. If they’re not from there, they’ve spent considerable time traveling there and know it like the back of their hand.

Another reason our leaders stand out is they’ve all worked for years in summer camps, and come highly recommended from the directors of those camps. A director recommendation is required for them to be considered as a trip leader. Because of this, each trip leader is seasoned in working with youth, trusted to act with incredible care and integrity, and tested in the stress of long summers. Many of them already know participants from their previous experience at camp, and of course, they all are fun loving too!