Life on the Road

Zeal’s story begins with a question. How do we provide an opportunity for teenagers to continue their growth and experience in a meaningful way? Our answer to that question of course, is Zeal Adventure and Travel. We created a teen tour that extends the boundaries of teens by taking them on adventure trips around the world!

With Zeal, you have the chance to land a plane on a glacier in Denali National Park, only days after surfing the waves of Oahu’s famed North Shore. This is life on the road, and it couldn’t be more exciting. We’ve worked tirelessly to design trips that open your eyes to the possibilities of the world. Wherever you journey, our trip leaders will have your back so you can feel safe to experience life to the fullest.

Life on the road isn’t just about adventure and epic fun. It’s also about giving back to the places we love. As we travel from one place to another, you’ll meet locals that have tons to teach you, and have the chance to help them out. As you look back on your Zeal trip, you’ll realize you’ve not only gained the friendship of other teens, but your web of relationships now includes people from all walks of life.

This is life on the road.