Hawaii Sprint

Ages 14-18
Service Hours 20+

Hawaii Sprint Highlights

  • Volunteer with endangered Hawaiian monk seals
  • Learn to surf from world-class instructors
  • Discover the underwater world with SCUBA diving
  • Eat local cuisine at an authentic Hawaiian luau
  • Explore secret waterfalls off the beaten path

Hawaii Sprint Details

Hawaii is filled with incredible opportunities to explore, whether it’s culture, food, activities, or simply the natural beauty of the land and water. In this action packed 14-day expedition, we’ll do a little bit of everything! We stay on the North Shore of Oahu, world renowned for its big wave surfing. We hike to serene vistas, volunteer and get hands on experience with sea turtles and endangered Hawaiian monk seals, learn to surf, eat delicious local foods at an authentic luau, go SCUBA diving, visit Pearl Harbor, rush down mountains on a zipline tour, explore the lush countryside of Oahu, and tons more.

Community service is an essential component along the way. Community service days include working with sea turtles and the non-profit Malama na Honu, restoring a native Hawaiian forest with Waimea Valley Eco-Reserve, and supporting the endangered Hawaiian monk seal species. Only 40 Hawaiian monk seals make their home on Oahu; Zeal participants have the rare chance to work closely with these animals with the support of the Hawaii Marine Mammal Alliance.

Activities on this adventure

SCUBA Diving

Learn to Surf

Visit Pearl Harbor


Hawaiian Luau

On Every Zeal Adventure

At Zeal we hold safety, growth, friendships, service, and fun as our core beliefs. These are reflected in all our trips, so rest assured you could only make a good choice when you decide to go on a Zeal trip. Our leaders are seasoned, trained, and equipped to keep you safe on your adventure. Our itineraries are incredibly fun and offer you the opportunity to grow into your best self. Each trip will have 15-25 hours of meaningful community service. Finally, we encourage you to live the adventure with your friends, old and new! At Zeal, we allow both groups of friends and individuals to sign up for a trip.


Day 1: Travel Day

Although the majority of today is taken up with air and car travel, it’s also an exciting day full of getting to know each other and preparing for two weeks of incredible summer fun and adventure. We arrive in Honolulu at 3:00pm. We’ll then drive to the North Shore and settle in before our first meal on the island, right across from the beach. After dinner, we’ll take a dip in the sea and go through the first iteration of our daily traditions.

Day 2: Welcome to the land of Fire

Today is about getting to know each other, the trip, and the North Shore. We start the trip off right by taking time to really get to know each other with icebreakers and team challenges. In the afternoon, we visit some special beaches and spots to get a lay of the land and connect with Oahu. Of course, we have time to swim and cool off in the perfect Pacific Ocean water.

Day 3: Hike Day

Hawaii arguably has the best hiking in the U.S.! Where else can you get amazing views of tropical turquoise waters, find hidden swimming holes to cool off in, and eat fresh fruit like mangos, avocados, and papaya picked along the trail? Today is all about exploring the North Shore of Oahu, our new summer home.

Day 4: Kualoa Ranch

If you feel like there’s a dinosaur around the corner, that’s because there might be! Today we explore the film sites of Jurassic World, Lost, and more. After a morning amongst the stars, we head to Kualoa Ranch secret island. Waiting for us there is a private beach, sand volleyball, sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and a tasty summer bbq! Ever tried yoga on a paddleboard? Today’s your day!

Day 5: Waimea Valley Eco-Reserve

Today is when the adventure gets turned up a notch. We hike a short 45 minutes to a ridgeline overlooking the North Shore’s coastline and reef. The views are stunning! At the top, we begin learning about the history of the Hawaiian timber industry and plant native trees to help restore the depleted forest. This is a fun day of getting dirty and working hard, before heading back down the mountain to swim and refresh in a waterfall swimming hole embedded in the tropical jungle setting of Waimea Valley.

Day 6: SCUBA Diving

Today we explore the underwater world! We begin with instruction on equipment and procedure. After getting comfortable with the gear, we’ll go to a calm beach where we’ll walk into the water and stop when the water reaches our hips. From there, we’ll get crouch onto our knees to breathe for the first time underwater, being able to stand up whenever we want. After getting acquainted with this incredible new ability, we do two short and shallow dives. These dives are very safe, and offer encounters with beautiful tropical fish, sea turtles, coral, and other marine life! No experience is necessary, and expert instructors are there to help at every moment.

Day 7: Pineapples and Paradise

After yesterday’s exciting adventure sport, it’s time to relax and be served! We start the day off by visiting the Dole pineapple plantation. Home to the world’s largest maze, we can sample delicious treats, take a train ride through the giant plantation, and try our navigation skills in a maze of pineapple. The end of the day is all about Hawaiian culture and cuisine! We spend the afternoon and evening at an authentic Hawaiian luau at Paradise Cove, eating to our heart’s content while watching incredible song and dance of the islands.

Day 8 and 9: Surfing and Sea Turtles

Today and tomorrow we split into two smaller groups. Group 1 spends the day volunteering with sea turtles via the non-profit Malama na Honu while the second group learns to surf on some of the world’s most renowned surf breaks. Last summer, every Zeal participant got up on their board and rode the waves- these instructors are the best! We get back together in the early evening to share our experiences over a delicious home-cooked meal.

Day 10: Volunteer with Endangered Monk Seals

We’re heading to Kaena Point, known for its supreme views of the Pacific. It’s beautiful. The North Shore stops and melts into the sea, and if you stand in the right spot only the ocean is visible, stretching from edge to edge of your vision. There, we learn about the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. Only 1300 of them exist today, and Zeal participants have the unique opportunity to support them during their pup-bearing season that begins in June.

Day 11: Hawaii by Wire

ClimbWorks zipline tour is an incredible combination of exhilaration, organic farming, and the most amazing views! The 11 ziplines crisscross an organic farm so as we zoom overhead, we can smell basil, reach out for papaya and other tropical fruits, and even try some of them between our rides down the cables. To cool off afterwards, we find a pristine swimming hole before heading to a delicious bbq with other sea turtle volunteers.

Day 12: Pearl Harbor Visit

We drive to Honolulu to visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial. No trip to Oahu is complete without a visit to Pearl Harbor! It’s an opportunity to connect with the world’s turbulent past and learn about WWII from the unique perspective of those whose lives were affected at their doorstep. Afterwards, we explore Waikiki and have our final dinner in Hawaii. For those interested in bringing some of Hawaii home, this afternoon is a great opportunity to shop for gifts and memorabilia.


Day 13: Prepare for Launch

Believe it or not, the trip is almost over! Today we sleep in, eat a delicious brunch, walk through Waikiki for any last minute shopping, and enjoy the beach one last time. We end the day with our final dinner together, and celebrate the successful trip that is now coming to an end.

Day 14: Travel Home

After breakfast, we head to the airport to check in for our group chaperoned flight. Although the trip is almost complete, we get to enjoy each other’s company on the flight home, and revel in the memories.

Travel Dates

Session 1: 14 Days

Session 2: 14 Days

What’s Included

The trip price covers all expenses related to activities, food, accommodations, in-trip travel, gear, and fees associated with parks and other destinations.

Please note the trip price excludes travel expenses to and from program. Participants are encouraged to bring $100-200 of spending money for optional purchases.

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